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Starting Friday April, 24 ... for May 1st Reservations.....New for 2015 Websites & Reservation Booking Portal

As of May 1st, Brentwood, Holbrook and Gull Haven will have a new provider for their websites and tee time reservations service. The new system will provide a state of the art booking portal making the process of booking your tee time smoother and faster, no matter what type of a device your using. To insure service will go uninterrupted, it was necessary to create a new website for this transition. This site will act as a portal to access all three Town of Islip Golf courses.

Please use this address:

to access the tee time booking portal for each course.

The original web site address will also direct you to the new site once the conversion process is complete. All users will ned to log on with their current email on file and use this Temporary Password..... islipgolf2015 .... to complete their transaction on the new system. Once the first reservation is complete you will have the ablity to make a permanent password in your customer profile

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